Creative Lives — “What’s the worst that could happen?” – writer and director Peter Marsden on film, finding your own path and being fearless

Posted 11 September 2017 Interview by Marianne Hanoun

Recounting the moment a camera was unexpectedly thrust into his hands on set, it’s clear that Peter Marsden relishes life well outside of his comfort zone. Counting VICE, Boiler Room and Dazed Digital as clients, he also works regularly for LuckyMe records, where his music videos for the likes of Rustie, Cashmere Cat and most recently Lunice have won him critical acclaim. The writer-director badge is one he wears with pride, even to the point of reaping satisfaction from filling out his occupation on tax-return forms. But for Peter, professional pride isn’t something that belongs on set: “If you’re the director on a shoot with a free hand and the floor needs sweeping…sweep the floor!” We meet to talk about taste, confidence and why you should make more mistakes.

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