Advice — Miranda Bolter’s 11 steps to making a memorable portfolio

Posted 25 July 2018 Written by Miranda Bolter

Design director Miranda Bolter from brand and design agency Superunion (formerly The Partners) provides a succinct, how-to guide on making a memorable portfolio that highlights your passions and shows you’re ready and able to tackle new challenges.

Be proud. If you don’t believe in the work you’re presenting, don’t include it. You should be confident showing your work, not apologetic. If you’re not happy with how a piece of work has turned out, leave it out.

Show the big idea. Show what you’re capable of technically and aesthetically, but make sure the idea is clear. What was the brief and how did you unlock it? 

Be clear and concise. Keep explanatory text short and pithy. If you can’t describe a project in a sentence or two, maybe the solution isn’t strong enough. 

Let the work speak for itself. Don’t be seduced by the idea of creating a portfolio that’s over-designed or so excessively interactive that it distracts from the work.

Get personal. Include a self-initiated project or two. This gives you an opportunity to show the kind of work you enjoy doing most and it demonstrates a bit of drive and passion.

Don’t dilute it. Avoid adding in weaker projects because you want to pad out your portfolio. 

Show how you think. It’s good to give people an insight into your process, so include a bit of development work where appropriate. Nobody wants to look through hundreds of subtle variants of a logo, but initial sketches and experiments can be interesting to see.

Share work in progress. Include something you’re still working on. It’s good for conversation and shows you’re never content to sit on your laurels; work can always be improved.

Push it. Don’t just stick the same logo on a million applications – show how you can stretch an idea.

Get physical. Everyone shows work on a laptop, but designers often like something more tactile to engage with. It’s nice to hold work in your hands and it helps your work be more memorable. 

Make sure they remember you. Throw in something extra, something unexpected. “You know, that guy who made the musical ping pong table…” Be unforgettable and unmissable. 

Posted 25 July 2018 Written by Miranda Bolter
Collection: Advice
Disciplines: Product Design, Digital, Design
Mentions: Miranda Bolter, Superunion
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