Creative Lives — Graphic designer and DR.ME co-founder Mark Edwards on the struggles of setting up a studio and making ends meet

Posted 18 April 2017 Interview by Marianne Hanoun

When it comes to finding work, “sometimes,” muses designer Mark Edwards, “it can feel like the planets have simply aligned.” In Mark’s case, the same can be said for finding work partners. After serendipitously being paired with now co-founder Ryan Doyle on their first day at university, the duo went on to found creative studio DR.ME in 2010, which they run out of The Engine House in Manchester. The self-confessed music fans have since worked for a plethora of record labels and recently published their own book on contemporary collage with Thames & Hudson. Mark talks to us about the struggles involved in setting up a studio, working on projects while figuring out how to pay rent and why illustrator Mike Perry threatened to send them back to Manchester while interning in New York.

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