Creative Lives Podcast — Malika Favre on her first jobs and the art of working at lightning speed

Posted 23 November 2017

For this week’s podcast, we visited artist and illustrator Malika Favre at her home studio in east London. Malika's work is recognisable for its deceptively simple forms, controlled colour palettes and striking use of shadows and negative space, and has made her one of the most sought-after illustrators working today. We caught up on agents, favourite clients and super-tight deadlines.

Interview by Indi Davies

Malika Favre

Job Title

Artist and Illustrator

Selected Clients

Vogue, BAFTA, Penguin Books, The New Yorker, Montreux Jazz Festival

Previous Employment

Web and Digital Designer, Unit9, 2005–2006
Designer and Illustrator at Airside, 2006–2011


BA in Visual Communication, ENSAAMA 
BA in Digital Media, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham 

Social Media

From editorial to advertising, Malika has worked for the likes of Vogue, BAFTA, Penguin Books and her favourite client – The New Yorker, for whom she has just designed her fifth cover. Working to a fluctuating timescale that can range from a couple of hours for a last-minute cover, to two weeks for a pre-planned theme, it’s fair to say that she’s mastered the art of working at lightning speed.

Originally from Paris, Malika grew up in a creative family, but her career started out on a distinctly different path – studying physics and maths. Soon realising it wasn’t for her, she went on to complete a BA in graphic design before moving to London. Ahead of her new show ‘Le Crazy’ at the Outline Editions Gallery, we hear how the Parisian-born, London-based illustrator set up on her own terms.

Malika’s most recent cover for The New Yorker

Malika’s artwork for The New Yorker depicting Hilary Clinton as president, which never made it to the cover

Malika’s Bob Dylan cover for The New Yorker, turned around in under a day


Work for Strut and Fibre

Malika’s poster for the Montreux Jazz Festival

Cover illustration for Vanity Fair France

Cover illustration for Brummell magazine

Posted 23 November 2017 Collection: Creative Lives Podcast
Disciplines: Illustration
Mentions: Malika Favre, The New Yorker, Unit 9, Handsome Frank

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