Creative Lives Podcast — “Be humble, but be powerful.” We meet Mr. President co-founder Laura Jordan-Bambach

Posted 01 March 2018

Our guest on the podcast this week is Laura Jordan-Bambach, chief creative officer of Mr.President, the independent agency she co-founded in 2013. We caught up with her at the company’s headquarters in Soho on February 8th, where she spoke to us about learning from failure, being tenacious and why she thinks advertising is a superpower.

Interview by Marianne Hanoun

Laura Jordan-Bambach

Job Title

Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer, Mr.President (2013–present)

Previous Employment

President, D&AD (2013–present)
Co-Founder SheSays (2007–present)
Creative Director, Dare (2012–2013)
Vice-President, D&AD (2012–2013)


MFA Digital Art (unfinished) University of New South Wales 
MA Fine Arts, Digital Media and Times Based Arts, University of New South Wales (1992–2000)
BA Digital Media, Photography, Installation Art, University of New South Wales (1992–2000)

Social Media

Starting out as a student of Fine Arts in Sydney, Australia, Laura’s career journey has been a somewhat unconventional one – from discovering digital art and setting up her own business while studying, to helping advertising agencies to get online at a time when the internet was still in its infancy.  

Acquiring skills in both advertising and design has helped propel Laura from one job role to the next. Through rewarding and challenging experiences, her journey eventually led her to take up the position of D&AD’s president, before co-founding Mr. President in 2013.

Being a small agency means that Laura’s role at remains very hands-on. As well as being the public face of the agency, she also works collaboratively with her team to develop big brand ideas for clients that include Global Radio, Stonewall and The Body Shop.

“People think that advertising can’t make the world better, because there’s been a lot of bad advertising.”

With a strong belief in the power of creativity as a force for good, Laura also co-founded global women’s creative network SheSays, as well as the Cannt Festival – an international alternative to the Cannes Lion Festival.

In the midst of preparing for a pitch, we caught up with Laura as she reflected on her journey so far, filled us in on life at Mr.President and talked us through a recent project for Stonewall.

Come Out For LGBT – Work for Stonewall (2017) as mentioned by Laura in her podcast.

Posted 01 March 2018 Collection: Creative Lives Podcast
Disciplines: Digital
Mentions: Laura Jordan-Bambach, Mr.President

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