Creative Lives — From Nottingham to New York: Meet artist, illustrator and professional doodler Jon Burgerman

Posted 22 August 2017 Interview by Marianne Hanoun

Life as seen through the lens of Jon Burgerman is a fantastically frenzied affair. If you’re one of his 83,000 Instagram followers, you’ll already be acquainted with the professional doodler’s growing universe of characters – everything from pink levitating hot dogs to googly-eyed garbage cans. Ever experimenting with new mediums, his work possesses a wacky logic and restlessness that is particularly infectious. Sketchbooks, walls and skateparks, jewellery, clothes and wrapping paper are just some of the surfaces that play host to his stream of cartoony consciousness. In the past year he’s published four books, had his Instagram stories exhibited at the Tate Modern and was recently profiled by the New York Times. We met to talk first jobs, early inspirations, and why he decided to move 3,388 miles away from his hometown of Nottingham to Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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