Creative Lives — We talk empathy and emotive photography with Rapha’s art director, Jack Saunders

Posted 22 November 2017 Interview by Marianne Hanoun

Growing up with a love of both design and sport, Jack Saunders has found the best of both worlds in his role as art director at cycling apparel brand Rapha. Originally founded in 2004, Rapha has grown to include everything from roadwear and accessories to physical locations and their own print publication, Mondial. Now in his sixth year at the London-based company, Jack comes up with brand campaigns for events like the iconic Tour de France, alongside a multidisciplinary in-house team. But before taking up the position, he did his very own tour of the north. Originally from Birmingham, Jack studied in Leeds and lived in Manchester before finding his way to London, working in-house at the Tate prior to joining the team at Rapha. We catch up on why he thinks photography is an essential skill, and how following a friend into higher education changed his outlook on studying.

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