Creative Lives — Ifor Ashton, producer at animation studio Moth

Posted 20 March 2017 Interview by Laura Snoad

As a producer at Moth, Ifor Ashton is the organisational engine behind this lively young studio. Ifor trained as an animator and worked in VFX for TV shows like Misfits and Call the Midwife before being brought into the fold by Moth’s three founding directors – and his close friends – as their first employee. Whether the team is creating a heart-melting modern romance for The New York Times or hard-hitting films for environmental think tank Global Canopy Programme, Ifor will follow an animation project from concept right through to delivery. Choreographing the in-house team, freelancers and clients means that he’s glued to a computer pretty much all day, but his excitement for realising a vision means he’s invested in Moth for the long haul.

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