Creative Lives Podcast — Author and broadcaster Emma Gannon on what it means to live a multi-hyphenate life

Posted 04 October 2018 Interview by Indi Davies

This week on the podcast, we meet Emma Gannon, whose varied work has seen her become a bestselling author and reach millions of people with her blockbuster podcast CTRL ALT DELETE. Having grown a reputation and following as a blogger – in what might be referred to as the ‘blogging heyday’ of 2009 – Emma has been able to establish a career on her own terms, and is an impassioned advocate for flexible, varied and self-sufficient working. This approach is something she’s come to refer to as the multi-hyphenate method – the title of her second book, which was released earlier this year. As a freelancer, Emma tells us how she manages productivity, and shares her tips for anyone wanting to adopt a similar, multifaceted approach to their work. 

Interview by Indi Davies

Emma Gannon

Job Title

Author; Host, CTRL ALT DELETE podcast (2016–present)

Previous Employment

Guest Lecturer, The Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design (2014–present)
Social Media Editor, Glamour Magazine, Condé Nast (2015–2016)
Blogger, The Huffington Post (2011–2015)


BA English Language and Literature & Film Studies

Social Media


While multi hyphenate working isn’t a totally new concept, Emma’s latest book makes a case for why it’s a great time to adopt this way of working. She tells us what it means to her, its relevance today and her advice on making it work for you: “You can't really be one thing anymore. I didn't make that rule, I don’t necessarily think it’s a good thing all the time, to be honest. Half of me is saying, ‘Look at this amazing lifestyle’ and half of me is saying ‘Oh God, look at the times we're in. Actually, this is a necessity as much as it is a lifestyle choice.’” 

“​Being a multi-hyphenate doesn't mean self-employment. It just means having multiple things that you love doing.”

Hailing from Devon, Emma describes her upbringing and how her English degree led to her first proper job, in the world of PR. It was during this time that Emma first began blogging as a side project, before it became the stepping stone to journalism, and greater freedom as a writer.

Starting out in her bedroom, we also hear how Emma’s podcast CTRL ALT DELETE has grown, and how she’s been able to attract her dream interviewees, with guests including Lena Dunham, Ava Duvernay and Greta Gerwig to name just a few.

Emma reflects on her career journey so far, and tells us why fellow multi-hyphenates should focus on creating a community and having a credible, online presence.

Posted 04 October 2018 Interview by Indi Davies
Collection: Creative Lives Podcast
Disciplines: Journalism, Broadcasting
Mentions: Emma Gannon

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