Creative Lives — Superrb account manager Becky Shepherd on going from fashion PR to agency life on the coast

Posted 11 October 2017 Interview by Indi Davies

Born on Hayling Island, Becky Shepherd flew the nest to study fashion journalism in Farnham, before working in PR and advertising in London and Brighton. Believing she could never do ‘cool’ work outside of a major city, she initially shunned the idea of working in her hometown. But a chance encounter with Superrb’s creative director, Rory, opened her eyes to a world of satisfying projects away from the overcrowded hubbub, and she soon returned to the south coast to join the team. Citing her early years (“doing all the internships”) as instilling her with a strong work ethic, Becky has amassed a diverse skill set that adds daily variety to her role as as account manager. Working on branding, web design and ecommerce projects for global clients, she’s been able to put her copywriting, client relation and project management know-how into action on a daily basis.

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