Photographic Director (Photography)

Not to be confused with a director or photography in film (or DOP), a photographic director serves as a creative director in the field of photography. Working in-house or freelance at a magazine or brand, they will oversee the overall vision and strategy of their photographic output. While the position entails big-picture thinking, their expertise will often be required from inception to delivery on specific commissions. This might involve developing a concept, research, commissioning talent and building a team, managing the shoot and feeding back on or selecting final images. A photographic director may start out as a photographer themselves, or in other visual or editorially rooted roles, such as art direction.

Please Note: The world of creative careers is broad and ever-evolving. While our descriptions aim to capture the essence of a role, we appreciate that no two jobs will be the same. We’re always looking to grow, expand and add to these roles, so if you feel we are missing something please let us know!

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