Director of Photography (Film)

Part tech geek, part painter, this top-tier job involves defining the entire visual identity of a film and leading every aspect of the filming process. DOPs (or DPs as they’re often known) craft a film’s look with their expert selection of camera kit, lenses, lighting techniques and film stock, transforming a script into a shot list, which can then be used for scheduling. A keen eye for storytelling is also essential – DOPs use focus, framing and movement (think pans, tilts and zooms) to best express the emotion at the heart of a scene. On set they’re in charge of all camera and lighting crew, and will often work with editors and colourists to hone atmosphere in the post-productions stages.

Please Note: The world of creative careers is broad and ever-evolving. While our descriptions aim to capture the essence of a role, we appreciate that no two jobs will be the same. We’re always looking to grow, expand and add to these roles, so if you feel we are missing something please let us know!

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