Creative Director (Advertising)

Hefty decision-making and fierce guarding of style and vision are all in a day’s work for a creative director. More often than not, the look, feel and concept behind a project or company will rest on their choices. Sometimes referred to as a CD, the role requires as much innovation as it does strategy, and is generally earned with years of industry experience – ranging from copywriting to art direction – and a reputation for proven commercial triumphs. Not just restricted to overseeing, briefing and whipping up inspiration and enthusiasm in internal teams, they will also nurture client relationships, and may be expected to actively represent and promote the business as well as call in new work.

Please Note: The world of creative careers is broad and ever-evolving. While our descriptions aim to capture the essence of a role, we appreciate that no two jobs will be the same. We’re always looking to grow, expand and add to these roles, so if you feel we are missing something please let us know!

Creative Lives

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