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Following the Kickstarter campaign we are looking at other opportunities to start Lecture in Progress in 2017. This beta site will remain live in the meantime but it will not be updated. For the latest updates follow us on Twitter.

On Clients
Clients can be both good and bad yet both pay you money (if you’re lucky)
Grant Orchard

Clients can be both good and bad. Yet both pay you money (if you’re lucky).  Perversely the good ones pay you less, the bad ones more. Go figure.  With both sets I’ve found it best to let them do the talking. What is very important is that you are not an arsehole and you don’t smell (see my advice on starting out).

Side-note – Some people might find an arsehole alluring. In some disciplines this can be viewed as creatively exciting, but even after a short time tolerating an arsehole can become pretty tiresome, and they might think twice about working with you again.  

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